• BløckFi Løgin​- Earn Great Interest On Every Purchase



    BlockFi offers several crypto-related products but only a few supported assets

    BlockFi is for the intermediate to the advanced crypto trader looking for a one-stop-shop for their cryptocurrency needs. It not only offers the ability to buy, sell, and trade crypto, but it also offers several products for crypto enthusiasts.


    BlockFi offers an online dashboard and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Overall, trading on BlockFi is intuitive and relatively simple to do. On desktop, users looking to make a simple trade would go to the table at the top of their screen and indicate which assets they’d like to trade.


    Users with a BlockFi Interest Account can also choose to set up recurring trades. Trades can be set to occur daily, weekly, or on the first 1st or 15th of the month. Its recurring trades feature makes BlockFi stand out among competitors.


    Overall, the trading experience is straightforward for those accustomed to using financial apps or an online brokerage account.


    Pros Explained


    Holistic platform: BlockFi provides users a centralized hub for the different financial services they would like to use ranging from taking out a loan, holding their cryptocurrency, or managing credit card expenditures using the BlockFi credit card.

    Comprehensive help center: This tool shares unique use cases to use cryptocurrency and educates BlockFi’s users on how to use the platform.

    Ability to earn interest on crypto: Users can earn up to 8% in interest by holding assets in a BlockFi interest account.


    Cons Explained:


    Not beginner-friendly: The user interface may be confusing for some beginners.

    No video explainers: Its resource center is limited to written case scenarios vs. providing video explainers, which can be useful for certain users.


    Investing in crypto in itself is an advantage for those who know how to understand market fluctuations and which crypto to invest in. But, what if you could earn interest on your crypto holdings as well.


    There could be nothing more amazing than that and there is that one platform that allows you to do so. Yes, we are here talking about BlockFi which allows consumers to earn great rewards on every purchase they make through this platform.


    A BlockFi login user is also entitled to earn good rewards when he starts using a BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card. On this platform, you can not only buy or sell crypto assets but also earn crypto in an easy way.


    To get started on this exchange, you need to make sure that you go to their official website and hit that “Get started” button to begin your journey here.


    Not just that, after getting started, you can also begin using the BlockFi wallet that has been exclusively made available to the users so that they do not have to worry about storing their crypto assets. And, yes, there’s more to it and you’ll be able to explore all of this at one safe location i.e. BlockFi.